OVISION Solutions
Various applications of our proprietary software and hardware for integrated security systems
Innovative ACS improves security, automates outdated procedures, and reduces operating expenses.
Access control system

Helps to cut down on resource-consuming operational tasks, enabling significant cost savings.

Supports different identification methods: facial recognition, QR-codes, magnetic cards, NFC.

Prevention of an unauthorized entrance due to the loss or intentional pass of an access card to a 3rd person.

Modern biometric ACS
OVISION ACS can be equipped with biometric, card and QR code readers, which allows implementing two-factor authorization.
Visitor Management

Reduction of human intervention and digitalization of the ACS.

The ACS module allows you to manage the entire access ecosystem from one workplace.

OVISION ecosystem organizes buildings in different parts of the city or country into a single network.

All-in-one access control solution
After collecting the requirements, our team will offer the most effective custom solution.

Equipped with biometric and temperature readers OGATE One.

Allows to automate guest registration.

Basic visitor data for monitoring and control.

Access control for internal premises using biometrics and cards.
Access control to rooms and offices
Security and control
All devices are combined into a single ecosystem that allows flawless access to different zones.
access: warehouse
Michael Smith
access: 1st floor of the OVISION office
Alex Sheverd
access: conference room
John Doe
Scheduled access
Gateway mode
Two-factor identification
Uploading reports on visits and OVISION ACS integration with ERP-systems.
Big data collection and analytics
Instant access to working time data
Administrator can see detailed reports for all employees and for each one separately.
Mobile and desktop apps
Flexible integration with your existing services
OGATE One can be equipped with a specialized software and hardware for disease-prevention purposes.
Automated temperature and face mask control
Epidemiological control
System including a non-contact thermometer measures the temperature, and our mask detection system checks if the person is wearing it.
All related data is analysed and stored in the system.
Can be equipped with a sound and visual alarm
Algorithm accuracy tested on over 1,000,000 faces
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