Unite high-tech modules and OVISION software with your current ACS and other 3rd party systems
Flexible integration with any systems
The OVISION Integrations Department will help you connect our products to any hardware and software.
Unified security
We help to integrate your current systems with our proprietary solutions and create a unified security and access control ecosystem
Biometrics, thermometry,
breathalyzer, visitor management
Time tracking,
pass management
Gates, rooms, elevators

License plate recognition system

Outdoor use, seamless integration
Security and fire alarm systems
Motion/smoke/heat detectors
Surveillance systems
Cameras, monitoring stations, data storages
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Free consultation from specialists in integrated security
OVISION Integration Team
We create and support complex integrations with our own development team. Our developers and engineers know the features of different systems and equipment, so they can offer the best solution for your case.
Request a customized solution from OVISION.
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